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Slick [Balthier/Fran, PG-13]

Title: Slick
Pairing: Balthier/Fran
Written For: crazy18gurl, prompt: handkerchief
Type: lol
Rating: PG-13

"...There's a time and a place to cast Immobilize, Balthier. This is not the time."

"Really?" Balthier was full of fake charming smiles. "I think it's a perfect time." He took another step back; her arms were long, especially with those nails of hers.

"Give. The handkerchief. Here."

And everyone else stepped back even more - the tone of Fran's voice was cold enough to chill hell itself.

Of course, it's intended target was unaffected. "No, I don't think I will. You're so lovely when you're angry."

"I'm..." she tried to find a word that didn't sound perverted. "...Greasy."

"Slick?" You could taste the wicked implication in his voice.

Fran was not amused.



"...Lubricious?" He hadn't stopped grinning, either.

"Glutinous." Two could play at this game. And she was still reaching for the handkerchief, gracelessly bent over while her feet remained fixed.

"Sleek; and shiny."

"Down to two syllables again, are we? Oleaginous."

Balthier pretended he knew what that meant. "Perhaps one syllable is all that required. Slick."

"You said that already."

"Did not."

"Did too," Penelo chimed in, though she quickly ducked behind Vaan at the double glare she received.

"....It bears repeating. Fran, stop that, I've no intention of giving you this."

"And if a fire entite drops down from the sky?"

He placed his free hand over his heart and hung his head. "Then I would defend my lady to the death."

She sighed, and shook her head. "Your words writhe like snakes, and lie like Vayne."

"I'll show you writhe...." And, unthinking, he strode a few steps forward, intent on making through with his threat.

Of course, the second he was in range, Fran grabbed his wrist, yanked him roughly closer, and delicately retrieved the forgotten handkerchief from his hands. She then proceeded to wipe the Oil off, ignoring his dismayed look. "...You were saying?"

Balthier frowned, then turned off in a huff, leaving her magick'd to the spot.

The rest of the party just watched, silent, as he stepped right in range of another Vivian. After an Esuna and a Cleanse, automatically cast by Ashe and Penelo... he just stood there, staring down at his hands.

His slick, oily hands, that had been so intent on keeping away their last handkerchief.

"......Are you quite through with your little joke, Balthier? We press on." Fran, having Esuna'd herself behind hs back, raised an eyebrow over her shoulder, before tossing her head disdainfully.

"But... there's a crystal just... not too..." As the rest of the party followed her, oblivious to his plight, he sighed. "...Fine. The leading man is always the one going up in flames."
Tags: balthier/fran, fanfiction
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