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Beautiful [Basch/Penelo, PG]

Title: Beautiful
Pairing: Basch/Penelo
Written For: fegli, prompt: water (more specifically, the Phon Coast =3)
Type: fluff
Rating: PG

"...Is it the first time you've seen it?"

His boots made surprisingly little sound on the sand; or perhaps she simply hadn't been paying attention. It was likely the latter, from the look on her face - big round eyes, lips parted, hands clasped to her chest. "...What?" She looked up at him, though her eyes clearly didn't see, for all they reflected back was unending blue.

He chuckled, unable to help a warm fuzz of affectionate amusement at her reaction. "The ocean. Is this the first time you've seen it?"

"Oh... yes," she breathed, turning back to look - without thinking her hands curled over the arm that wrapped around her, steadying her as she gazed in wonder.

He smiled, only releasing when he heard Vaan calling, from closer to the water.

Beautiful, he thought.

The ocean was far from his mind.
Tags: basch/penelo, fanfiction
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