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Pretty [Basch/Larsa, PG]

Title: Pretty
Pairing: Basch/Larsa
Written For: cpt_azelas, prompt: ribbon (lolnotporn)
Type: fluff and lol
Rating: PG

"..What is - Larsa, what in Ivalice have you got in your hair?"

Larsa sighed, exasperated. "It's a Ribbon, of course."

"I... I can see that."

The young emperor rolled his eyes. "Then, your point is?"

"You're wearing it...." He blushed, the judge magister actually blushed. Larsa's eyebrow quirked, and he filed this away for future reference. "...You look like a girl," he ended, in a gruff mutter.

"Oh?" That eyebrow went higher. "A pretty girl, from the looks of it." He tapped a gloved finger to Basch's cheekbone, right on the blush.

"Er...!" Said blush got darker, as Basch attempted to refute. "No, it's not - not that you're not - it's -"

Larsa chuckled, and let his hand fall. "You ought make up your mind. You know how much I value your opinion."

A slow blink, to counter the slow smirk that spread over Larsa's face. Yes, let him take that how he would.

A hand... it reached up and curled on one end of the ribbon - then in one smooth move, pulled the bow out of its loops, and out of Larsa's hair.

"...You're prettier like this," he murmured, ducking his chin down into his armor and going slightly red again.

Larsa turned and grabbed for the ribbon, but somehow his hand curled around Basch's instead. "...Pretty? I thought I'd at least rate 'beautiful'."

Basch went redder. "Taken ego lessons from Balthier, have you?"

"No, that one was from my brother." He stood on tiptoe - he'd grown a lot in the past few years, but not quite enough - and pressed a quiet kiss to the corner of Basch's lips. "Did you think Balthier merely 'pretty' as well?"

Basch frowned, and his other hand came up, to trail through Larsa's hair. "...He was handsome at best. You, on the other hand...."

Larsa waited, tipping his head to the gentle caress.

Basch grinned. "Pretty. Definitely pretty."
Tags: basch/larsa, fanfiction
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