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Something Tells Me [Vossler/Basch, PG-13]

Title: Something Tells Me
Pairing: Vossler/Basch
Written For: cpt_azelas, prompt: "I totally thought dirty things"
Type: lol
Rating: PG-13


"What? Cheap."


"Now you're - hey, you get paid as much as I do, you know I can't - "

"Or your pants."




"Well, I only meant that you're not wearing your uniform pants, so it would be-"

"I thought dirty things."

"...I know you did."

"I didn't know this was strip poker."

"I'm trying to reach a compromise, Basch."

"It sounds like you're trying to talk me out of my clothes."

"If you don't like my terms, you can-"

"The gil or the pants?"

"I was talking about the gil, but if you're so fixed on my pants-"

"I never said anything about your pants."




"Something tells me we should just skip the poker."

"Something tells me your lips could be better occupied."

"Something te-"
Tags: fanfiction, vossler/basch
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